How do our Sydney boat shares work?

Eight boat share owners, one professional and experienced manager

Luxury Boat Syndicates buys new boats of various sizes to operate from Sydney’s two most sought-after marinas—The Spit and Point Piper. Ownership is split equally among eight owners.

You are definitely an owner, not a member, and your boat will have been bought specifically for your syndicate of eight.

The process is simple:

  1. We suggest boats that would be perfect for Sydney Harbour and our conditions.
  2. You apply to join the syndicate for that model.
  3. Our boats are purpose-bought for their owners.

As an owner, you enjoy up to 43 boating days a year, including weekends and public holidays. You can take the boat wherever you like, including over consecutive days. (We encourage you to take the boat out and spend the night because we want you to enjoy everything ownership of a boat has to offer.)

Exclusive berths, pick up anywhere

Our syndicates run from two of Sydney’s most desirable locations—Point Piper and The Spit. We also have exclusive berthing arrangements at Woolloomooloo and Walsh bay, both perfect spots to step off and enjoy lunch or dinner.

You don’t have to start your voyage from your boat’s home berth. Let us know where and when you’d like us to pick you up, and we’ll be there.

Why it’s better to own a boat share than a whole boat

Matching the benefits of ownership to the realities of time

Unless you plan to live on a boat, you’re unlikely to use it 365 days a year. Our owners enjoy 43 days a year on the water—that’s six weeks of boating. As men and women with executive jobs or demanding businesses, they find that that’s just right. They don’t want to pick up the tab for the 322 days a year they won’t be using the boat. Sharing is the smart investor’s choice.

Efficient running

What keeps machines functioning at peak condition is constant use. The engines need lubrication to stop them from seizing, the hull needs moving water to clean it, the batteries need charging, and the fuel and water in the tanks need to be fresh. A shared boat is a boat that gets used, which means it’s in better condition and better preserving its resale value than the boat next door that sits around for weeks at a time.

Experienced management

There’s much to learn when it comes to keeping a boat. Some of it’s who you know—reliable, trustworthy experts and tradespeople. And some of it’s what you know—keeping the boat maintained.

We take care of all that for our owners. Your boat will be serviced only by authorised tradespeople working to the manufacturers’ guidelines.

We have 10 syndicated boats on the water and 15 more under management. As a result, quality engineers, tradespeople, and suppliers are eager to work with us, and we have the expertise to keep your boat in optimal condition.

Want to take the helm?

Learning to pilot a boat is just like learning to drive a car, except it’s more fun, and fewer people get to do it. With our training, supervision, and ongoing support, you could be at the helm of your own multimillion-dollar motor yacht in a matter of weeks.

Unlimited training is included in your boat share. We want you to be confident when you’re taking your clients under the Harbour Bridge, showing your family Taronga Zoo from the water, or setting a course for Watsons Bay for a seafood lunch and swimming with friends. You can even sail through the Heads to cruise past the northern beaches up to Pittwater.

You’re the skipper—it’s your call.

Need crew?

Of course, you might just want to relax with your family and friends, or talk to your clients. And you might want to have a couple of drinks, in which case the law is the same on the water as on the road. We can provide a skipper, crew, chef, and wait staff—whoever you need.

Run your boating life with a click or a call

Our concierge service means your boat trips run with a click or a call. Browse the calendar on our online booking system to select your days on the water. Bring your own food or drink, or book it through us and we’ll make sure it’s on board before you are.

Whatever you need, you can turn up with your clients, family, or friends and know that, every time, everything will be there, waiting for you.

Behind the scenes

You own the boat, but you relax while we do all the work other boat owners have to do themselves. We do the cleaning, keep the boat fuelled, and schedule and supervise the maintenance. We can arrange catering and alcohol delivery. Don’t want to pilot yourself? No problem, we provide crew.

You relax, we do the work.

The financial side

Capital investment

You are buying a boat that you will own in a syndicate with seven other people. Each syndicate is for a specific model of boat, identified in advance and bought only when the syndicate has all eight members. The amount of capital required will depend on the boat your syndicate will own. Shares to date have ranged from $45,000 to $325,000.

Selling the boat

We sell the boats at a predetermined time in the life of the syndicate (usually less than 3.5 years). Like every market, the market for boats is affected by innumerable variables, so we can’t make guarantees. In the past, owners have recouped roughly half of their capital investment through the sale of the boat.

You can offer your share for sale before the dissolution of the syndicate.

Running costs and management fee

Owners pay a monthly amount representing an equal share of running costs, like berthing, maintenance, and cleaning. You pay for the fuel you use on your own trips.



Excellent boat share model.

I have several friends who have purchased a share in a  boat through Luxury Boat Syndicates and they are all very happy.

Frank Gray

Great service, and expeditiously fixing all problems that inevitably arise on boats, that leave all other boatshare companies in its wake.

Robert Benz

Ian and the team have done a wonderful job accommodating myself, friends, family and work associates. I would highly recommend his product and service to anyone thinking about buying a boat - you'll no doubt have experiences you will fondly remember for your whole life.

Michael Zahn

Ian provides an amazing walk on walk off service which is ideal for young families and experience boaters alike. This is the only way to own a boat on Sydney Harbour. All the service without any of the hassle. A truly professionally run service orientated business, where the customer comes first, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Darren Patterson

LBS provides us a fantastic service for business meetings, and corporate days. Our clients, prospects (& management team) love the walk on, walk off service - no dramas, so we can get on with our business & the incredible catering service always down well. The LBS service is friendly, relaxed, and above all professional. For our company it helps us win deals. Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

Consultrix Australia

Recently signed with LBS with little boat experience, Ian has patiently provided the tuition required to operate, navigate and handle a big boat. ( all part of the LBS service )

Had our maiden voyage over Easter and the whole experience was just fantastic.

If your looking to get into a boat without much experience or without the headaches of full ownership these people are for you.

Joe Bennett

Ian and his amazing team have literally changed our lives.

We are so thankful that a service like this exists and Ian made it happen.

Stephan Kljajic

I am very happy with the service, amazing.

Chris Newport

Ian and the team provide a fantastic service. From the moment we met Ian we knew this option was right for us. We are in love with our boat and look forward to many more days on the harbour.

Daniel Ashley

Why pay for a luxury boat everyday if you don't use it every day?

From a financial perspective, using Luxury Boat Syndicates is a no brainer, compared to owning your own boat. Your can get access to a much bigger boat than you can afford to buy and for a fraction of the cost

Chris Gray

Ian and the LBS team have excelled in every respect, making our boating experience absolutely top drawer. The management and commercial model works very well, service is always with a smile, and we are a couple of very happy campers. Try it, you'll like it!

James Gately

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