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When cruising the Spit, it is hard to imagine that this remarkable area was ignored to such an extent during the early years of settlement in Sydney and the surrounding area. The blue water, and the convenient location for much of the North Shore, makes this area a perfect one to step aboard a yacht and experience it from the water.

This reality has been played out with the establishment of marinas here, and the Spit now plays host to hundreds of pleasure craft which ply the reaches of Middle Harbour and beyond. Many residents cross the Spit Bridge, and look enviously at the yachts moored here. It is not an inexpensive venture, yachting. However, that has begun to change.

At Luxury Boat Syndicates, we provide boatshare services for the Spit and surrounding areas. Our bespoke walk-on walk-off service brings the luxury experience of yacht ownership, across our wide range of yachts, for a fraction of the cost.

Best yet, our boatshare at the Spit takes the burdens of yacht ownership – maintenance, fuelling, and registry – out of your hands. Our talented staff keeps your yacht in prime condition, ready and waiting to take you on a cruise of these iconic waters, without the stress and time investment you would otherwise encounter.

At Luxury Boat Syndicates, we help people get on the water. Contact us for more information.

The Spit is a residential district in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, located in eastern Mosman. The Spit comes off of Beauty Point, reaching towards Seaforth, and is named for the prominent sand spit that dominates this channel. The area is a safe harbour in all weather, and a popular area for both pleasure yachting and fishing.

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