Boat Share Rushcutters Bay, Sydney | Boats for Hire – Luxury Boat Syndicates

Boat Share Rushcutters Bay, Sydney | Boats for Hire – Luxury Boat Syndicates

When one considers yachting in Sydney Harbour or along the coast of New South Wales, the initial reaction is typically associated with the cost. Yachting is known as an expensive hobby, and Sydney is no exception. Moorage, fuel costs, and maintenance fees combine to put this pursuit out of reach for many.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. At Luxury Yacht Syndicates, we have designed a method for residents of Rushcutter’s Bay to get the most of their city’s natural gifts, by affording them the chance to cruise the waterways on a luxury boat share program.

Our boat share gives Rushcutter’s Bay the chance to cruise the harbour and enjoy the merits of boat ownership, with none of the downsides. Our expert crew performs all maintenance and upkeep, keeping your boat in mint condition throughout the year. We manage all costs associated with the yacht. We can get you trained up and ready to manage the boat on your own, or one of our qualified skippers can take the helm.

We are able to provide a catering service for your yacht, in case you are feeling like indulging out on the water. Our bespoke service is strictly walk-on, walk-off – meaning you are not responsible for anything apart from enjoying your time.

If you’re a resident of Rushcutter’s Bay, you’ve had plenty of opportunity to see the possibilities afforded to those who are able to spend some time on the water. You can do the same, with a boat share from Luxury Boat Syndicates.

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Rushcutter’s Bay was named for the tall stands of rushes that once inhabited the shallow water here, and which were cut and used to create the thatched roofs of the buildings in colonial days. More recently, Rushcutter’s Bay played host to some of the sailing events for the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. The area is now mostly an upscale residential suburb.

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